Thursday, January 8, 2009


I am completely new to wedding customs. What is a bomboniere? It is Italian for gifts or "favors" to be given out to guests. They contain, confetti, which is a sugared almond. Traditionally containing five symbolizing health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and long life. And they must be white for a wedding, they are placed inside a bag tied with ribbon.

The bomboniere is made up of a saccchetti or satch containing the confetti. It is tied with ribbon and it usually contains decorative flowers. Recently I made some bomboniere. My idea was taken from a wonderful book by Kumiko Sudo, " Handmade Gifts from fabric in the Japanese Tradition".
I visited my first Italian fabric store. They had the most assortment of fabrics I have seen so far, at a reasonable price. So I purchased some silk shantung, ivory for my petals and green for my leaves and stems.

Ready to be delivered, my box full of bomboniere.
Finally completely finished! So, my bomboniere were individually hand-made for my guests. I noticed that many, many, sites exist where they are sold.
They also now vary, not just the traditional ones are popular. Diverse favors are now given such as crystal pieces, kitchen pieces, figurines, and even candles to name a few. A bomboniere is given to show appreciation to the guest, and to be kept as a remembrance of a unique day.

Individually hand-made bomboniere. Using silk shantung, ivory for the petals and inside of satch. Green for leaves and stem, a thin ribbon used to tie the satch closed.

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