Friday, March 29, 2013

Inspiration From The Orient


moliabal Milano-  Hair Werner Amort per Face to Face Agency

Images from Vogue Accessory- March 2013

Friday, March 22, 2013

First Encounters in the Wonderful World of Fashion

My passion for sewing and creating began at a very young age!  I was fortunate that my mother was a seamstress.
Scrapes of fabric from her projects were used to create gowns.
 Shoe boxes of enveloped  patterns for my Barbie's clothing and costumes still exist at my mother's! 

 Where to Begin:

Above two images from "Gioia Bambino N°2 2012"- Shopping/Libri & Giochi di Lorenza Pizzinelli

And here are some of my favorites:

Yves Saint Laurent coloring book, "Album da colorare", Gallucci.   

click on the book to view some pages and purchase.

"Come una principessa" by Alessandra Bedin is an amazing pop-up book!

Click here to visit Amazon to purchase.

Along with tape measure, pincushion, and sketch pad- Barbie, "I can be a fashion designer",  by Mattel! 

And Last But Not Least:

The sewing kit which contains everything needed to begin sewing!  Click on the photo of the sewing kit and you can also find a PDF containing doll clothing patterns!


 The Sewing Machine!  The pictured child's machine can be purchased here!

Now this is only opening the door to a whole amazing world!!  What are your favorites?

Enjoy Creating!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Cappello, Ilarius
Cappello, Ilariuss

 Everytime I see an interesting hat, 

                                          I  must know who created it!!

Francesco Balestrazzi




Francesco Balestrazzi

Borsalino  - click here to view more items and learn about their amazing story if you are not already familiar!


Francesco Balestrazzi- A contemporary dancer, who has now collaborated with major brands in the fashion world.  Find out more about him here.


Ilariuss by Ilaria Soncini-  "Through my creations of hats, I hope to investigate and question the status of women."  Here work can be seen here.  Illariuss the collection can be seen here.


All the above images are from Vogue Accessory March 2013-
"Curious Visions" by Rosi Di Stefano.