Friday, August 28, 2009

Cycles of Fashion

Featured Artist-

Oblivion Clothing

Welcome back!! This week we are stopping by a shop in Kansas City, U.S.A! For as long as she can remember, Nataliya of Oblivion Clothing has been creating. 

In her Etsy shop you will find an assortment of corsetry, dresses, and costumes. 


Generally Nataliya is a happy person so she is inspired by everything she sees.  She is inspired by everything she see everyday. 

Creative Process

"When creating much attention is always given to detail.  At any point in my process, I demand perfection."  This is the creative process of Oblivion Clothing. 

As on can see when visiting the shop, Their is an attraction to corsetry.  Also to the wonderful amount of work given to the construction  of clothing in the past. 


Under bust corset- 1880

Pink and Black Under bust Corset- Oblivion Clothing

Crinoline Silhoute

Evening Dress- 1855

Black and White rock'n'roll- Oblivion Clothing

Black Tulle

Dolce & Gabbana- 2003


Black Lolita- Oblivion Clothing


Military Vest/Spencer- 1818

Black Military Steampunk Jacket- Oblivion Clothing

Etsy Shop
She was drawn to the creations and artists who are a part of Etsy.  It is a wonderful place to showcase and sell her wonderful designs and creations.

Stop by her shop, you will find over sixty items to take a look at!  Including, goth, steampunk,  girls dresses, and other costumes. 

Oh!  You must also take a look at these lovely bridal bracelets!

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Back on Track!

First, of all I would like to say sorry to all for my absence. Summer is here, my husband is on summer vacation from work. I have been slacking on my blog. Sorry to all my readers.

Secondly, I have been missing, my Cycles of Fashion, Thursday posts. I will try it again beginning next week. This coming Thursday I will start my Cycles of Fashion again. I realized I really enjoyed meeting and learning about fellow Etsy artisans. I also missed the researching part!

So now, I have been working on some veil for my Etsy shop. They have been fun! Each different, each very unique!

First try at a veil!

Feathered Piece with Tulle veiling

This one contains an off-white tulle veil. This was actually the first one! I was inspired by 1800 women's ridding attire!

I made a pattern for this marvelous base made of three buckram pieces and some wire. I really love how I was able to attain the lovely curved shape to go with the contour of the head.

Midnight Blue Bandeau Veil

I always enjoy working with various fabrics. I really enjoy making fabric flowers! This is on a contoured raindrop shape. I love how the black veiling goes over the face at an angle!


Champagne Band- Veil

I love the delicacy of this piece. I started of with the buckram band, covered it in a pale pink silk, but I felt like it needed something more. I then added the lace layer. It is a from a small piece of beautiful lace I was keeping aside for the perfect project. I think it fits well here!

I then added a little bit of sparkle with some green beads, pearls, and a decorative rhinestone drop.

Headband with Veil

This has to be one of my favorites! Almost five years ago there was a cute, expensive, decorative fabric shop in Austin, Texas. When I first saw this ribbon I fell in love. I felt I had to have it, until I found out it was $36 a yard. I was heart broken.

Months later though when I heard the store was going out of business and having a huge sale, I strolled back in, with my fingers crossed hoping it was still there. I was just in time to buy the remaining yard for half price!

I think originally I had in mind to use it on a bonnet. I never got around to making that bonnet and for about five years I just held on to it, making sure it travelled to Italy with me!

Now I made this lovely head band with it. It is beautiful, something about the colors and the detail. Beauty!

So here are a few of the veils I have completed. Today I finally listed all eight of them in my shop. I have sketchbook pages full of other ideas for veil. There will be many more to come.

Again excuse me, I am now back on track! I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer!!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August is here!

We are now in the month of August! Whew, where are the days going!

Swimsuit Cover-up Contest Results

The winners of the Craftzine / Singer Contest winners have been announced. Unfortunately, there will not be a new sewing machine for me anywhere in the near future. It was fun, I always enjoy challenging myself!

New Research

Now to move along. I have been researching something new which I have begun to make to sell in my Etsy shop.

The beauty of the veil! Working with veiling is wonderful. The end result is always that of beauty and delicacy!

I begin by conducting some research or background on a subject before I begin producing it for my shop. I find it so inspiring!

Birdcage Veiling

Why is it called the "birdcage"? It is called this because it is slightly bouffant and "enclosing" the face like a cage. It floats over the face with out rubbing against the ends of the eyelashes.

Hat- Germaine Vittu- 1942

Hat- Bergdorf-Goodman- 1960

Hat Bergdorf-Goodman- 1949

Pillbox- Paulette - 1964

Hat- John-Frederics- 1935-1945

The Beauty

I fell in love with the combination of the millinery elements to produce a lovely piece, each with their own characteristics.

So off to the workroom I go!

Check back soon to see what I have come up with!! All my pieces will be available for purchase in my Etsy Shop!

*Photos courtesy of Metropolitan Museum.*

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Glancing through the fall/winter 2009/2010 collections it was nice to see so many designers including the classic glove in their collections!

Black Gloves:

Fingerless gloves:

And other classy gloves:

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