Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Some Structured Fashion..

To apologize for my absence, I am sharing some of my favorite images from

Steven Meisel's editoral entitled, "Next Level"for Vogue Italia Agosto 2013.



Thursday, June 13, 2013

It finally feels like summer!

In our part of the world, it finally feels like summer!  

I have been pretty busy lately with quick costume fixes and construction of costumes, 

preparing for an English Theatre I developed for the children of our town this summer, 

and working on my site! 

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Everything 50% off!


I am working on some new items I have drafted patterns for, 
it would be great to clear out past creations



Friday, April 5, 2013

Classic Hollywood

"Antiche seduzioni" L'attrice dominicana Maria Montez, soprannominata il Ciclone dei Caraibi, nel 1944 e la star del film Il Cobra.

I am a huge fan of Classic Hollywood! 

"Danza d'more" Collane in oro, pietre e perle.
"Incantatrice" Copricapo, bracciale in metallo e pietre, e corpetto, E.Rancati.

"Greta Garbo Style"-  Francesca Neri.

Images from "Amica" Marzo 2013.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stilt Walking Costumes

For all the years I have been creating costumes it was not until last year that I had the pleasure to venture into the world of Stilt-Walking!  I began researching and gathering images - take a look at my "Stilt Walker" Pinterest Board.

After talking with the talented performers I would be making the costumes for, we decided on a Victorian-isc Theme!  I was so excited!  The Victorian Era is one of my all-time favorite Eras!! Click on Victorian to see my reasearch.  I briefly spoke of it here.  After narrowing it down to a couple of designs for each person, and deciding upon a colour palette, I began!!

I would be building a Crinoline Bustle undergarment.  Here is the finished item:

 After a fitting I had to reduce the weight by creating some openings:
I actually loved how you can peak in see the mechanics of the performer on her stilts!

 She actually decided to perform also with only this understructure with a corset, other armpieces, and a headpiece I later created for her!
Here are her wrist pieces:

The layers of skirts can be removed or additional light-weight fabrics can be used for other layers which can always be added or removed.

I was pretty excited with the outcome!  What I learned about this first experience:

- A stilt-walker costume take so much more fabric!
-Use slightly stiff but light fabrics!
-You do not know what it will look like until you see it on the performer with their stilts!!

The men's coat contains a detachable shawl collar and cuffs- he can switch out to match the women's costume with another fabric.  

Men's Stilt Pants
I was so lucky to find the perfect fabric for the men's Stilt Pants.  They were a light wool blend which contain a light layer of interfacing which gave it the perfect body and hang!  You can purchase a pair here or a fancy Tuxedo style here

For variation of the women's costume, I also made an underbust corset to be worn with the sleeveless cotton button down I had made.  This is an option to wear rather than the vest in the above photo.

 Her hats!  His is the only item I did not make- a nice black classic top hat!

I really enjoyed making these costumes, this was this first!  My second- a Venetian Couple was my second!  I will post photos later of this beautiful project!! 

Note:  The above three performer photos were not taken by me- please contact me for information.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Inspiration From The Orient


moliabal Milano-  Hair Werner Amort per Face to Face Agency

Images from Vogue Accessory- March 2013

Friday, March 22, 2013

First Encounters in the Wonderful World of Fashion

My passion for sewing and creating began at a very young age!  I was fortunate that my mother was a seamstress.
Scrapes of fabric from her projects were used to create gowns.
 Shoe boxes of enveloped  patterns for my Barbie's clothing and costumes still exist at my mother's! 

 Where to Begin:

Above two images from "Gioia Bambino N°2 2012"- Shopping/Libri & Giochi di Lorenza Pizzinelli

And here are some of my favorites:

Yves Saint Laurent coloring book, "Album da colorare", Gallucci.   

click on the book to view some pages and purchase.

"Come una principessa" by Alessandra Bedin is an amazing pop-up book!

Click here to visit Amazon to purchase.

Along with tape measure, pincushion, and sketch pad- Barbie, "I can be a fashion designer",  by Mattel! 

And Last But Not Least:

The sewing kit which contains everything needed to begin sewing!  Click on the photo of the sewing kit and you can also find a PDF containing doll clothing patterns!


 The Sewing Machine!  The pictured child's machine can be purchased here!

Now this is only opening the door to a whole amazing world!!  What are your favorites?

Enjoy Creating!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Cappello, Ilarius
Cappello, Ilariuss

 Everytime I see an interesting hat, 

                                          I  must know who created it!!

Francesco Balestrazzi




Francesco Balestrazzi

Borsalino  - click here to view more items and learn about their amazing story if you are not already familiar!


Francesco Balestrazzi- A contemporary dancer, who has now collaborated with major brands in the fashion world.  Find out more about him here.


Ilariuss by Ilaria Soncini-  "Through my creations of hats, I hope to investigate and question the status of women."  Here work can be seen here.  Illariuss the collection can be seen here.


All the above images are from Vogue Accessory March 2013-
"Curious Visions" by Rosi Di Stefano.