Friday, October 30, 2009


After a year of being active in the Etsy community, it is alway nice to encounter shops run by talented people. Recently while in the forum, I a wonderful shop located in Leeds. It was a lovely pleasure to meet and chat with Alison, who is the creator of all here beautiful pieces.

Alison Barrett Original Handmade Creations

Dusky Pink Imitation Suede Flower Corsage

When did you begin creating?

"I have always been very creative and trained at art school before specialising in theatre wardrobe which i studied for three years ." She was exposed to mask making, millinery, and construction of period underwear, theatrical costumes, and military uniforms.

"I then went on to get a job in a wardrobe department as a wardrobe assistant, then was promoted to a costume prop maker. My work involves many areas such as millinery, special effects on costumes,dyeing fabrics,making jewellry, mask making, pattern cutting and constructing costumes."

What or who inspires you?

"I'm inspired by so much but in particular I love costume and textiles, books, colour and nature. I also love the work of Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano.

I love looking through books and magazines and keep a box full of inspirational pictures. I have sketchbooks where i note down ideas. " Many of these elements are present in projects she is working on, such as fabric or colour.

Greeting Card- Bright Blue and Raspberry Large Bird

I noticed you have a theater background, do you miss working specifically in that field?

"I still work full time in theatre and i do get to make some interesting things! I am currently working on a stage version of 'The Secret Garden' so have quite a bit of millinery to do. I also teach millinery part time to degree students."

Gold Silk Wristlet Purse

When did you decide to open your Etsy shop? And why?

"I have been designing, making and selling handbags, purses, bag charms, jewellery and cards for the past three years. I have two display cabinets which Isell my work from and these are situated in the theatre foyer and have been very successful. I wanted to expand the business this year and so decided to join etsy. I love the idea of selling my work to someone across the world!"

It was a wonderful pleasure to me and chat with Alison! I really enjoyed exploring her shop! I love her attention to detail!

Her Flower Corsage, contains stitching along the edges of the petals in matching thread, numerous punched out holes on each petal, and stitched darts on each petal to give a 3D effect.

Her Gold Silk Wristlet Purse, contains hand embroidered gold sequins, and metallic gold machine stitching on the flower.

Wow, beautiful! Oh! Make sure you stop by Alison's shop to take a look at her, Sage Green Cotton Purse with Bright Blue Applique Leather Flower!

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Monday, October 26, 2009


I just realized that my spats were on the Front Page of Etsy, twice in one day! Wow! What a surprise, no wonder I almost hat 2000 views!

Thanks Administration!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One Year On Etsy

This October marks my one year anniversary since I started my Etsy shop. And I just got some amazing news, I am finally featured on the front page!

Take a look at my "Plaid Spat"!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Tumblr Here I Come!

This past week I decided to start a Tumblr account. It is also a blogging platform to post text, images, video, links, quotes and audio to the tumblrlog- or short-form blog. I found it very easy to use.

My thought on it is that I will be using it as a journal. I can easily access and post photos, text, etc. I see it as a Twitter version of Blogspot. And I have already begun to meet so many people from all over the world!

If you would like to take a look at my Tumblr, or follow me click on my Texas Cowgirl Avatar!

Do you Tumblr? I would also love to follow you!

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Do you know One Red Robin???

Happy Chibi Girl To-Be-Named #3

Today I encountered this beautiful doll that just transported me back to my childhood!

Jhoanna Monte Arnez creates from her home in Melbourne, Australia. She is the mother of two girls.

What fortunate a child can be to have such a talented mother! I remember waking up to wonderful surprises my mother had stayed up the whole night working on.

I find Jhoanna's dolls so unique in her use of color and design. Her creations just have to bring a smile to your face!

Stop by an visit here blog! You must take a look at here "Babushka" doll!!

Or stop by just to find out more about the world of ' softies'.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Spats, Spats, and More Spats!!


Spats are a type of shoe accessory covering the instep and ankle. They were primarily worn in the late 19th and early 20 th centuries. Originally they were made of leather. Those for horseback riding continue to be made of leather. They can be made of any and all materials, a few examples are wool, polyester, and canvas.

Traditionally they are used as an accessory in marching band uniforms, pipe bands, in various militaries, and in everyday clerical clothing. They are also used for safety reasons in certain industries such as, in foundries, by welders, and even chainsaw operators.


I am inspired by that lovely feeling of completing a three piece men's tailored suit! Or even the completion of a corset. I refer to my spats as, " little mini corset's for ones ankles. " I love to incorporate various classic tailoring and corseting techniques !

A pair of nicely tailored spats can add so much more to one's shoe collection! You can completely change the look and feel of your overall outfit! And when the cold weather comes around you can continue to use your summer shoes year round! I continue to get inspired by glancing though Italian fashion magazines!


This morning I completed and posted my fifteenth pair in my Etsy shop! Eighty percent of their construction is using hand-stitching. The lining and outer wool's, center back and front seams are machine stitched.

Navy Blue & Black Spats- Monjio

I have used a beautiful black Italian wool. Individually I have hand-stitched fourteen silver metal loops for the lacing closure. I love incorporating the lacing closure into various pairs because it allows them to be more versatile. They can be used over a variety of shoes and boots!

Inner side of foot view.

I have a great passion for traditional military uniforms with elaborate amazing decoration!

Of course I will continue to make more! I have an ongoing research and sketchbook with many other designs and styles ready to go!

Each pair is amazingly unique, and I never make the same pair twice! The assortment of styles allow for wear of shoes with heels, or without. To see the other fourteen pair, please stop by and take a look at my shop!

P.S. I always enjoy working one on one with a client for the creation of a one of a kind personalized pair of spats!

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