Friday, October 30, 2009


After a year of being active in the Etsy community, it is alway nice to encounter shops run by talented people. Recently while in the forum, I a wonderful shop located in Leeds. It was a lovely pleasure to meet and chat with Alison, who is the creator of all here beautiful pieces.

Alison Barrett Original Handmade Creations

Dusky Pink Imitation Suede Flower Corsage

When did you begin creating?

"I have always been very creative and trained at art school before specialising in theatre wardrobe which i studied for three years ." She was exposed to mask making, millinery, and construction of period underwear, theatrical costumes, and military uniforms.

"I then went on to get a job in a wardrobe department as a wardrobe assistant, then was promoted to a costume prop maker. My work involves many areas such as millinery, special effects on costumes,dyeing fabrics,making jewellry, mask making, pattern cutting and constructing costumes."

What or who inspires you?

"I'm inspired by so much but in particular I love costume and textiles, books, colour and nature. I also love the work of Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano.

I love looking through books and magazines and keep a box full of inspirational pictures. I have sketchbooks where i note down ideas. " Many of these elements are present in projects she is working on, such as fabric or colour.

Greeting Card- Bright Blue and Raspberry Large Bird

I noticed you have a theater background, do you miss working specifically in that field?

"I still work full time in theatre and i do get to make some interesting things! I am currently working on a stage version of 'The Secret Garden' so have quite a bit of millinery to do. I also teach millinery part time to degree students."

Gold Silk Wristlet Purse

When did you decide to open your Etsy shop? And why?

"I have been designing, making and selling handbags, purses, bag charms, jewellery and cards for the past three years. I have two display cabinets which Isell my work from and these are situated in the theatre foyer and have been very successful. I wanted to expand the business this year and so decided to join etsy. I love the idea of selling my work to someone across the world!"

It was a wonderful pleasure to me and chat with Alison! I really enjoyed exploring her shop! I love her attention to detail!

Her Flower Corsage, contains stitching along the edges of the petals in matching thread, numerous punched out holes on each petal, and stitched darts on each petal to give a 3D effect.

Her Gold Silk Wristlet Purse, contains hand embroidered gold sequins, and metallic gold machine stitching on the flower.

Wow, beautiful! Oh! Make sure you stop by Alison's shop to take a look at her, Sage Green Cotton Purse with Bright Blue Applique Leather Flower!

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  1. What a lovely shop & interesting interview. I'm a big fan of Vivienne Westwood as well.