Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have been aware of the cosplayers subculture that centers around characters from popular fiction in Japan. And what does Cosplay mean? It is actually short for "costume play".

Until now I was not aware of the amazing professional costumes that some of the participants wear! You can also find participants all over the world!

Here are some interesting facts:

-In 1990 in Taiwan, the first cosplay conference took place.

-Lolita fashion is a style of cosplay dressing that began in the culture.

-Japanese cosplay covers a spread of costumes and convention masquerades. While in costume, you must be the character, in thoughts, words, and action.

It amazes me how beautiful and professionally done some of the costumes are! Try to Google and see the out pour of information you will find!

Take a look at more images Bellezza Nelle Immagini.

The above image was from Geter928.

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  1. 仇恨是一把雙刃劍,傷了別人,也傷了自己..................................................

  2. I learned of this myself for the first time last October, I had a buyer who participated in cosplaying. It seems very fascinating!