Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I love my Italia Vogue!

I recently purchased the March 2010 Italia Vogue which was a double issue including a Couture issue! (That's one reason I love living in Italy, the amazing magazines are much less here, it was almost impossible to spend that amount of money to purchase it in the States!)

I thought I would share a few of my favorite layouts from the Couture issue! Enjoy!

LADY GREY by Tim Walker

"Una Stoardinaria dimora partizia nel Nord dell'Inghilterra si desta da un lungo sonno, duranto decenni, per ospitare un eccentrico set. Negli splendidi, immensi saloni prendono cosi vita spiriti, sirene e fate piumate: visioni oniriche che indossano abiti da favola, citando i mondi fantiastici della letteratura inglese ottocentesca e le pellicole di Jean Cocteau.."

An extrodinary dwelling begins in the North of England as it arouses itself from a long sleep, which has lasted decades, this was the ideas behind the ecentric set. In the spendid, immense halls which take on the life of spirts, sirens and fairies. Visions that wear dresses from fables, citing the fantastic worlds of the nineteenth-centurey English literature and the films of Jean Cocteau.."

Italia Vogue- Supplemento al Numero 715- Marzo 2010

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