Friday, April 23, 2010

Inspiration Comes in Many Forms

Form is:

Configuration- The arrangements of lines

Visual Appearance- The way an objects transmits and reflects light

Shape- The part of space occupied by an object

Camicia di cotone con collo montante, gilet di gardine e shorts con fiocchi in satin.

Cotton blouse with collar, vest and shorts in satin.

Yves Saint Laurent

Top in organza di seta a volants multistrato con fiocco sulla schiena e

pantaloni di pelle lavorata a fettucce.

Top in silk organza and leather pants with woven detail.


Abito di seta con drappeggi e lungo inserto plisse effetto origami.

Silk dress draped with origami shaped pleats.

Roberta Furlanetto

Cappa in organza di seta lavorata a pannelli mobili plissettati.

Cape in pleated silk organza.

Peachoo + Krejberg

Photos- Amica n. 05- Maggio 2010

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  1. very cool post! love the cape in the last picture!

  2. Those are all such well-crafted, inspiring pieces! Thanks for sharing. I'm especially swooning over the second photo with the light colored ruffly blouse.