Saturday, March 10, 2012

Swaroski Elements

Bling and Design!!

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is the brand for high quality crystal elements by Swarovski. Manufacturers and Designers all over the world use their products.

A breath-taking backdrop was created with the use of over 5,000 crystals for the 84th Academy Awards.

"The ambition was big: to create a divine crystal field of stars using a 70ft wide by 40 foot high custom-made crystalline backdrop, which twinkled with 4,500 crystals and was set off with a shimmering halo that featured a further 2,000. The effect was a staggering blaze of refracted light that could have out-glittered the galaxy. "

I enjoyed watching 'Project Accessory' where the designers had access to the Swarovski wall. In Episode 2 the eleven designers were presented with the challenge of creating three items inspired by a chosen piece from their visit to the Swarovski Crystal Store. Nada Swarovski was the guest judge.

"It's through molding the fabric directly onto the body that I have developed new techniques and discovered surprising new shapes, volumes and graphics. I like to preserve the freedom in not knowing what the result will be, because it’s through fortunate accidents that I come across the most unexpected discoveries.” -Yiqing Yin
Amazing designers from all over the world incorporate Swarovski in their designs.

On the arms of elegant men in tail and white tie, lovely young debutantes wore long gloves, gorgeous white ball gowns, and tiaras. SWAROVSK ELEMENTS collaborated with Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia to create his ‘Snow Storm’ tiaras. The 56th Vienna Opera Ball.

"Inspired by wind swirling through falling snow, he used crystals to capture the idea of iridescent icicles and snowflakes, creating a halo of light that transformed debutantes into snow princesses for the night. "

Swarovski and all it's Elements can be found everywhere, and they continue stronger and stronger!

To find out more about Swarovski Elements click here!

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