Friday, March 22, 2013

First Encounters in the Wonderful World of Fashion

My passion for sewing and creating began at a very young age!  I was fortunate that my mother was a seamstress.
Scrapes of fabric from her projects were used to create gowns.
 Shoe boxes of enveloped  patterns for my Barbie's clothing and costumes still exist at my mother's! 

 Where to Begin:

Above two images from "Gioia Bambino N°2 2012"- Shopping/Libri & Giochi di Lorenza Pizzinelli

And here are some of my favorites:

Yves Saint Laurent coloring book, "Album da colorare", Gallucci.   

click on the book to view some pages and purchase.

"Come una principessa" by Alessandra Bedin is an amazing pop-up book!

Click here to visit Amazon to purchase.

Along with tape measure, pincushion, and sketch pad- Barbie, "I can be a fashion designer",  by Mattel! 

And Last But Not Least:

The sewing kit which contains everything needed to begin sewing!  Click on the photo of the sewing kit and you can also find a PDF containing doll clothing patterns!


 The Sewing Machine!  The pictured child's machine can be purchased here!

Now this is only opening the door to a whole amazing world!!  What are your favorites?

Enjoy Creating!!

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