Friday, August 21, 2009

Back on Track!

First, of all I would like to say sorry to all for my absence. Summer is here, my husband is on summer vacation from work. I have been slacking on my blog. Sorry to all my readers.

Secondly, I have been missing, my Cycles of Fashion, Thursday posts. I will try it again beginning next week. This coming Thursday I will start my Cycles of Fashion again. I realized I really enjoyed meeting and learning about fellow Etsy artisans. I also missed the researching part!

So now, I have been working on some veil for my Etsy shop. They have been fun! Each different, each very unique!

First try at a veil!

Feathered Piece with Tulle veiling

This one contains an off-white tulle veil. This was actually the first one! I was inspired by 1800 women's ridding attire!

I made a pattern for this marvelous base made of three buckram pieces and some wire. I really love how I was able to attain the lovely curved shape to go with the contour of the head.

Midnight Blue Bandeau Veil

I always enjoy working with various fabrics. I really enjoy making fabric flowers! This is on a contoured raindrop shape. I love how the black veiling goes over the face at an angle!


Champagne Band- Veil

I love the delicacy of this piece. I started of with the buckram band, covered it in a pale pink silk, but I felt like it needed something more. I then added the lace layer. It is a from a small piece of beautiful lace I was keeping aside for the perfect project. I think it fits well here!

I then added a little bit of sparkle with some green beads, pearls, and a decorative rhinestone drop.

Headband with Veil

This has to be one of my favorites! Almost five years ago there was a cute, expensive, decorative fabric shop in Austin, Texas. When I first saw this ribbon I fell in love. I felt I had to have it, until I found out it was $36 a yard. I was heart broken.

Months later though when I heard the store was going out of business and having a huge sale, I strolled back in, with my fingers crossed hoping it was still there. I was just in time to buy the remaining yard for half price!

I think originally I had in mind to use it on a bonnet. I never got around to making that bonnet and for about five years I just held on to it, making sure it travelled to Italy with me!

Now I made this lovely head band with it. It is beautiful, something about the colors and the detail. Beauty!

So here are a few of the veils I have completed. Today I finally listed all eight of them in my shop. I have sketchbook pages full of other ideas for veil. There will be many more to come.

Again excuse me, I am now back on track! I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer!!

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  1. I just discovered that you are back! Yeah! I love your posts and the cycles of fashion features are great. Your research and writing is most appreciated!

  2. Darn! I wish I knew about these when I was ordering a veiled fascinator to wear at my 30th bday celebration! They're gorgeous!