Friday, August 28, 2009

Cycles of Fashion

Featured Artist-

Oblivion Clothing

Welcome back!! This week we are stopping by a shop in Kansas City, U.S.A! For as long as she can remember, Nataliya of Oblivion Clothing has been creating. 

In her Etsy shop you will find an assortment of corsetry, dresses, and costumes. 


Generally Nataliya is a happy person so she is inspired by everything she sees.  She is inspired by everything she see everyday. 

Creative Process

"When creating much attention is always given to detail.  At any point in my process, I demand perfection."  This is the creative process of Oblivion Clothing. 

As on can see when visiting the shop, Their is an attraction to corsetry.  Also to the wonderful amount of work given to the construction  of clothing in the past. 


Under bust corset- 1880

Pink and Black Under bust Corset- Oblivion Clothing

Crinoline Silhoute

Evening Dress- 1855

Black and White rock'n'roll- Oblivion Clothing

Black Tulle

Dolce & Gabbana- 2003


Black Lolita- Oblivion Clothing


Military Vest/Spencer- 1818

Black Military Steampunk Jacket- Oblivion Clothing

Etsy Shop
She was drawn to the creations and artists who are a part of Etsy.  It is a wonderful place to showcase and sell her wonderful designs and creations.

Stop by her shop, you will find over sixty items to take a look at!  Including, goth, steampunk,  girls dresses, and other costumes. 

Oh!  You must also take a look at these lovely bridal bracelets!

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  1. What a great blog , and I really love the items , look really good .

  2. What a great featured artist! I really enjoyed this! I love corsets!