Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Small Project!

A client who runs one of the two local grocery business once asked me to make her a hat for her new grand-daughter. At the time I was swamped with projects and I never got around to making in. This morning I decided to take a few hours from my morning to finally complete it for her.

I had been thinking about it for days. Now I finally got it done!

I loved the red wool, but I thought it needed a little something. So I hand stitch the felt flowers and center beads. What a cutie!

Now I don't have to try to avoid here everytime I see her! (That's bad!!)

I will deliver her cute little hat later this afternoon!

Her grand-daughter will now be styling in the cold weather that has already arrived.

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  1. Holy cute hat, batman! Did you use a pattern or do you have a child sized block?

  2. Thanks! I used a pattern that I had from Jio's leather aviator hat. As he has grown, I have graded the pattern up to fit him!

    I haven't really been able to have fun decorating it like I was able to on this little girl one!!