Friday, November 13, 2009

Moving Right Along!

Projects, projects, projects!

Recently I have been very blessed that I have had work coming my way! So little time, so many ideas!

I had to stop from my goal of two new items a week for my Etsy shop. But I am fighting against time to begin a couple of new ideas I have had!


The cold weather is here, I hate it when I am working and my hands are cold! Therefore I drafted a glove pattern. Varying that pattern I have started making Wristlets, gauntlet length.

All the current Italian Fashion Magazines contain variations of gloves, fingerless, gauntlet and opera length. I have been inspired! I am beginning to fill up my sketchbook with ideas!

I just wish I could sew faster!!

Inspiration for my Wristlet Collection.


I began making men's spats! Soon I will be able to post them in my shop!

Oh, I am also making this pair for a friend and client who is a performing artist.


Using an orange and pink cotton fabric which I have cut 1 1/2 wide stripes, then stitched together, will be the top layer be very appealing and fit perfect with the rest of her costume and show! (I am also constructing a similar men's pair.)

The photo on the below that one, is the base made of canvas which the top layer is attached. They will contain a hidden lacing closure at the center-back. This closure will allow comfort for all types of movement which she requires as a performer. The closure will also allow her the ability for the spats to be worn with a variety of shoes.


I am also working on a few custom orders including two dresses, one blouse, and a hat!

Dress Decor.

This photo is the decoration of the first dress which will be sent out on Monday!

Back to my workroom I go! I sure do love to create, I just wish I had more time!!!

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  1. Will you post more pics when you're done? I'm loving all this stuff!!!

  2. this is the time of the year I have too many projects too.