Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Cycles of Fashion"

Featured Artist-


This weeks featured fashion creator is located in London, England.  Ozzana began creating at a young age.   "My first creations were rag dolls and outfits for them. Making simple clothes and accessories such as hats and bags for my sister and myself followed shortly."

Her Etsy shop is made up of  'one of a kind'  unique creations.  I also loved the detail  her items contain, whether it be machine embroidery, cutout, or applique. 

She claims she is stuck in the 1920's.  She loves the straight, clear, definite design and functionality of the period. 

She is a fan of Chanel's  "little black dress".   

 Coco Chanel

Chanel's concept of the "little black dress"  was ahead of it's time.  Her radical trend of the black dress was the first time black clothing was used, and not designed for a funeral.


"Architecture, art movements, nature, music, films..... My current collection was inspired by Scottish Art Nouveau artist and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh – his stained glass windows creations and decorative railings in particular. Also I am continuously inspired by the Japanese fashion designers such as Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo and Yoji Yamamoto."

Creative Process

"I mostly start by making notes and observational sketches, then I select the ones that I like and develop them further. Sometimes I construct directly on the dress stand, and at other times I make paper patterns. I have an idea which fabrics I will use for each design but this changes as I progress and I also work on more than one piece at a time -often each of them ending as a combination of two or more different initial ideas. I enjoy manipulating and combining unrelated fabrics and materials endlessly. The final result gives me a great buzz!"

 A Stroll in Time:


The straight sheath dresses were used during the day.  The sheath dress was fitted and darted or contained a princess seam.  Many early fifties garments contained a boat or jeweled neckline.

Michelle Dress-Ozzana

1950 Simplicity Pattern



Mary Quant, Twiggy, and the mini skirt were popular in this period.  The mini skirt mania began around 1966 then in 1967 it could be seen nationwide.

For improving the wear and performance of a fabric or garment, synthetic yarns began being used with natural fibers.  There was a huge global jump of production plants of synthetic fibers. 

Organza Dress-Ozzana


Viola Sybert-late 1960s



This period brought a freedom to women's dress that had never been seen before. With easier travel we were exposed to various fashions of other countries.  We began seeing vast types of exotic fabrics which contained detailing such as, garments with edged decor in silver, gold or other metallic embroidered.    

Pewter Dress-Ozzana


Evening Dress-Madame Gres 1977 

Etsy Shop

"After reading an article about Etsy in 'Guardian' Newspaper back in November 2008 I decided to open up a shop. I like working from home – it fits perfectly with my other commitments and most of all I love being my own boss! "


Make sure you stop by Ozzaa's shop for more amazing creations, including some wonderful digital images!  Wow!  

"I personally do not like making the same thing over and over again - uniqueness is my philosophy."  Ozzana

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  1. Great post and great dresses - love the old photos!

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