Monday, June 15, 2009

Blouse Project- Part 3

Both blouses are completed and delivered to the happy client!

It took me a little longer to complete and deliver the second blouse because I was unable to schedule a fitting with my client sooner. Because I had a limited amount of fabric, and it was a would be difficult to attain more fabric, I did not want to complete the seams entirely until after our fitting.

All went wonderfully well in our fitting, so I was then able to finish the blouse. It was delivered to the customer this past weekend!

As you can see from the picture, the two embroidery pieces were postitoned on the front of the blouse this time. This design was something I found in a magazine which I felt would work perfectly with the fabric.

Drafting the pattern was very enjoyable. I begin by flat-patten drafting it, then for the front and back collar bit I found it easier draping it in muslin for the patten pieces. It is four pieces, the two fronts, one back, and a small center back piece for the collar at the neck.

The back contains a nice clean, finish!

The client was wonderfully satisfied! I was as well, especially with the fact that the client was happy and both designs were completely different.

Now I am off to find another challenging project!!

Note: For part one of this project you can take a look at my May 1st post.

Extra: Reproduced Skirt

The client I produced the blouses for also had a skirt that had been made for her some time ago by the seamstress she has used for many years. The skirt was made of a beautiful mutted rose out of a wool blend material.

When the skirt was made for, she didn't have a specific design in mind. Her seamstress produced an a-line skirt using most if not all the fabric. My client was slightly unhappy with it.

She had another skirt, pictured below in velour which she really liked the fit and design, she asked me to to convert the a-line skirt to that of her velour skirt design.

This is what her new skirt looks like!

The skirt is basically made out of swirls of fabric. At first I thought, it's simple, I will just draft the pattern. I realized it was much easier to drape layers of muslin following the various sections.

It is made of five pieces and a waistband with a zipper in the center back. Each of the sections, or pieces begin on the straight of grain and swirl around until they reach bottom of the hem. This is a wonderful pattern to add to my collection!


On the left, original velour skirt front. On the right, her new skirt front.

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  1. Gorgeous blouse! I love that colour pink :)

  2. I love that skirt! I have a similar pattern for my daughter, It's really twirlly. I still haven't used it though.

  3. I love both the blouse and skirt, you are talented:)

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments! You are a very talented lady :0)

  5. Awesome blouse and skirt. you are very talented.