Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September is National Fall Hat Month!!

What is National Fall Hat Month?

It is a point of the year where everyone should know to stop wearing summer hats, the straw stops here! It is time to start wearing some fabric , some felt , and fall hats in general !!

Even though I found information regarding this "National" holiday I was not able to locate the origins of it. In various sites, you can send in E-greeting celebrating Hat Month. Or if you prefer to shop, you can find fall and winter hats available for purchase.

"Jubilee" by Stephen Jones

In honor of National Fall Hat Month I chose some of my favorite Stephen Jones creations from his Autumn/Winter 2005 "Jubilee" collection.

In this collection Master Jones celebrated a quarter of a century of millinery madness.


Blithe Spirit


Four design essentials were present in his collection- Innovation, Individuality, Romance, and Frivolity.

And what else would we need for the wonderful fall in come!!

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  1. wow! those hats are crazy!

  2. Beautiful! I love making hats. I didn't know about Hat month though!

  3. Wow....lovely hats....bold and different...I love them :)