Sunday, March 29, 2009

20 Years of Sorbier

Creations of Franck sorbier- Photos : Patrick Gries
An exhibititon will be dedicated to French fashion designer Franck Sorbier. This will be the first devoted to him, in Central France's Lyon fabric museum, celebrating 20 years of his work. The retrospecive of his work is marking the last 10 in haute couture, one of only 11 houses entitled to that designation under the strict rules of Paris fashion's governing body.
Sorbier is a hands-on craftman who creates unique pieces. He uses a technique of compression where he sews over fabric over and over, it is similar to giving fabrics a quality of papier mache. He turns humble raw materials into works of art, using various amazing techniques.
The exhibit will run from March to September 2009.

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