Monday, March 16, 2009

My Internet World

"Gru sulla Luna" Keiichi Nishimura

Without internet. Wow, I can not imagine how that would be. Living in a small town in the country-side of beautiful Italy is amazing. But what sort of contact do I have with the world?

The internet is my only source of contact with the world. I am by no means a computer whiz and I certainly do not have countless hours to spend on the computer. Recently I have encountered so many sites I have no idea how people have time for it all. Personally I have specific sites in my almost everyday life, but they are also some I could do without.


I have been an avid emailer since I can not remeber. In this day and age it is a must! This is the site I go to every morning and every evening.

***CNN & BBC.Com***

I make sure every Tuesday morning is spent watching morning news, world, US, and also a little bit of entertainment news.


I have never been one for this sort of site. I was familiar with it for a long time but I had never joined because previously I had never had the need or time for it.

Once I moved to Italy, it was difficult to keep contact with my family through phone. Apparently everyone including my mother were avid users of this site. I had to give in, now it is the sole means of sharing photos and keeping in touch with close family and friends.


Recently joined this site. Wonderful site to keep contact with friends and colleagues. I have regained contact with colleagues of long ago!


My creative outlet! Through my shop I continue to create for myself and others. I have also met so many creative artisans from throughout the world! I continue to learn about everything, including the site with very informative and helfpul forums.


My goal is always to post two blogs a week. This site is also important for my creativity. It also proves to be very therapeutic for me.

Plus at one point I want to post detailed work-shops of various sewing, millinery, and tailoring projects.

***PhotoBucket & Flickr***

I began using Photobucket long ago, I started using it when I began my Myspace page. Now with Flickr I have found it to be a little behind the times.

Just recently Photobucket has added the blog option. With Flickr I feel more comfortable using the site. It also contains groups and I was suprised to how many Etsians are avid Flickr users.


This is in my opionion a wonderful site I have recently become a member of. I have already met so may creative talented artisans from around the world. There is also a large amount of Estians who utilize this site.

Yes there is a large number of shameless advertising for Etsy shops, but their are also positive aspects of this site. Plus I have found amazing Etsy shops through through the advertising.

***Kaboodle & Stylehive***

Last but not least. I have recently become a member of these two sites. My experience with one has not been as good with the other.

Stylehive was very difficult for me to understand, how do you use it? I have also received numerous spam emails. Including a proposition from someone to check-out their "special site." No thanks!

On the other hand I have so far found Kaboodle to be an interesting site. Who does not love fashion? One of my favorite options is my "Wish List", Galliano and McQueen please step inside!! I am always a fan of lovely beautiful fashion!

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