Sunday, March 15, 2009

Military Uniform Inspired

Last weekend I acquired several beautiful fabrics. They arrived just in time for something I had been researching. I found some amazing decorative military applique shoes, vests, bags, so many thing in recent Italian fashion magazines. Two of my favorites are, Alexander McQueen's wonderful suede boots, or Versace's men's vest.

In my book collection I have a wonderful French tailoring book. It is entitled, "Cours De Coupe Du Tailleur De Paris. " Apart from wonderful drafts of various tailored military uniforms it also contains illustrated decorative military appliques.

So recently I have been doing a series of spats with this very theme, I noticed since the first one they have been transforming into something more detailed, more exciting.
I enjoy how it can be juxaposed with the femininity of a female spat!

Note: This post was first published on 3/9/09

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