Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reconstructing a Skirt

Recently I was working on some alterations for a client. One of the items was a basic shape skirt with a waistband and zipper. It would have taken me less time to make it from scratch.

A much older sarta had made it for my client. In Italy a dressmaker is called a "sarta" but a "sarto" is actually a tailor.

But anyway, this Italian sarta had made this skirt. It was made of an amazing Italian wool, with brown and black small houndstooth. The wool had an amazing hand and was great to work with.

As I finished my work I thought to myself, wow, it is nice to know that a traditional Italian sarta is still around and working.

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  1. there is a fun blog called The Sartorialist on my page. i might get to come to Italy in june for work. it would be in Spoletto. i would love to extend my stay and travel. how far is it from you?