Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A New Hat!

Recently I found some bamboo in the house. My husband had purchased it for some piece or something he had done and I found it lying around. (My husband has been creating art pieces for as long as I have known him.)

Quickly my head began to run with thoughts of what I could construct from it.

First thing this morning I took a look at my favorite milliner's site for inspiration. My list included: Philip Treacy, Stephen Jones, and Louis Mairette.

I will be incorporating some linen fabric I purchased at the Mercato on Saturday morning. (It is actually a skirt, the colors just caught my eye.) It will have a buckram base, and the exterior will contain the bamboo.

My design sketch is now complete! In between alterations I am finishing up for a client, my goal is to complete my millinery creation by the beginning of next week!

Check back next week to see what I have come up with!
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