Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blouse Projects- Part 2

So my first blouse is now completed and delivered to the client!

For the first blouse I chose to place one embroidery design on the front right side, the second is on the back right side. I wanted to attain a movement of the two decorative pieces.

Again because the decorative pieces were so close to the selvage I had to alter my pattern. For this project it was simpler to flat-pattern the blouse, and I took it from there.

The front contains two center-front piece at breast level, one containing the decorative piece with a front closure of one button. Below the breast-line I had to break up the front pattern piece for the placement of the decorative piece.

For the collar I thought it would be nice to use a mandarin collar . Being that the fabric is from Vietnam, I wanted to give the over all design a nice fresh feel! The back contains a center-back seam and the other decorative piece on the right back shoulder.

One project completed, one more to go!!


  1. That's Beautiful!! You did an amazing job. Look forward to seeing the next one too.

  2. Thank you! The second one will be posted soon!

  3. What a bright and cheery blouse, I love the design :)

  4. i love it! the embroidery design is so beautiful and feminine