Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To Have Only Seen It!

On April the 26, 2009, this amazing exhibit closed at the Palais Galliera Fashion Museum, in Paris. The exhibition covered the period of the Second Empire in France (1852-1870) when the crinoline was vastly in use.

More than 300 garments were on display. Also on display were dance cards, fans, jewelry, accessories, flower-holders, headdresses -- some even belonging to the Empress Eugenie and Princess Mathilde

This was the period that was later said to give birth to haute couture, when the House of Charles Worth made its debut among other fashion firms and jewelers. With the arrival of chemicals, textiles contained prints and stripes of clashing colors. Dresses contained an overload of ornaments, fringes, wreaths of flowers, lace, and ribbon. It was normal for a women to change her outfit up to five times in one day. She had to keep up with the pace of social life and dinners, concerts, receptions, opera and theater.

Wow! What a period of history!

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