Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Cycles of Fashion"

Featured Artist-


I am always so excited to feature a Etsy Fashion Creator in my Thursday posts. This week I am especially excited to feature an amazing artist. Zy Han is located in Malaysia, she creates the most stunning hand painted batik fabrics.  She began creating more than three years ago!

Visiting her shop I think the first thing that jumps out at me is how stunning her fabrics are! They contain wonderful colors, and easy lovely flow, and they express such beauty.

"Natural environment.Flowers,birds,wind,ocean..Everything that surrounds me are magic!", this is her inspiration! She is drawn to contemporary and reto periods of fashion.


It is traditionally and antique Indonesian art.  A batik can take from one day to three months to complete, depending on the number of colors, the sun, and the fabric stability.  To produce a batik a wax-base is used in the process.  The wax is used in a liquid form in a cantin, which is a wooden pen-like tool . 

There are about three thousand recorded batik fabric patterns. 

The Process:

1.  The fabric is washed, dried, and pressed so that the wax and dyes can be absorbed evenly.  The design is then drawn onto the the fabric.  This can be done from memory, free-hand, or tracing the design on to the fabric over a light box.

2. Using the cantin, the wax is applied in broad strokes. Where the wax is applied, determines the areas that will resist the first color to be applied. 

3.  The wax is removed with hot water and left in a cold water vat for an hour.  The fabric is then dried in the sun, to help remove some of the residual wax which can then be scraped off. 

4.  All other areas except the ones identified for the next colour are waxed over again.  This process if repeated for every colour in the design, there is no limit to the number of colours.

5.  When the final boil and rinse has been done, the fabric is dried in the sun. 


In the past I tried my hand at the wonderful art of batik, but I must say I did not produce something of this complex or beautiful. Zy's process for creating begins with a preliminary sketch of her design.  Before beginning with the delicate hands on process, she has a collection of designs in a sketch book that she refers to. 


Blue-Purple Abstract- haannh

Dress Panel- 1900

Royal Blue- haannh

Emilio Pucci- 1966

Mocha Roses- haannh Chanel- 1920

Bronze Stripes- haannh

Dries Von Noten 2009



"I found Etsy almost a year ago while google some hand made stuff.I fell in love and open my shop instantly!Then I try to get use to the features,and mix up with fellow etsians. I became addict to Etsy about 6 months ago..and still addict to it!"


Zy Han also has a bead an sequins Etsy shop soon to open! For now, take a look at her violet wrist corasage, it is a beauty!

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  1. Wow, absolutely stunning! Wish her lots of success with her shop!


  2. wow - gorgeous fabric! Love these items!