Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Please Excuse Me!

Please excuse my late post.  I try my best, and usually succeed to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays of every week.  This week I have missed my goal of Tuesday, so I have to post today. 

The weather has been amazing!  And I have been keeping busy.  This past week I began working on something I had never thought of attempting.  I began making lovely feminine cuffs!  I have continued to work on a dress, and I just completed two swim-suit covers I will be photographing this afternoon to enter into the Craftzine/Singer Contest.   

Next week I will be delivering a dress to a girl who will be turning eighteen.  The dress is beautifully constructed from her own design.  I thought it would be wonderful to make something extra for her.  So using left over fabric from her dress I made her a lovely cuff! 

Cuffs/Fabric Bracelets

I am not much of a jewelry wearer, but sometimes when I dress-up, I think it would be nice to wear an accessory, something beautiful and feminine! 

So using  clasic millinery techniques- for the decor, and drafting minature corsets- to fit perfect on the wrist, I have been having so much fun constructing cuffs or decorative fabric bracelets.

So this is the first and the gift that I made.  Using remains of the fabric from the dress I used a velvet base bound along the edges with a bias.  And included two lovely butterflies, since the person receiving the dress and the gift is so keen to buterflies!

For this beauty I was inspired by the wonderful summer day!  And I had also received my wonderful order of ribbons from a fellow Etsy shop- The Stitch End.  They have a lovely assortment of ribbons and buttons!

I began with a fucshia base and using classic millinery ribbon techniques I constructed the decor.  The ribbons were so inspiring!

These sequence pieces had been in my possession for a short time time, I knew I was saving them for something.  The grey silk shantung is ruched and then attached to the three piece base.  I used a lovely ribbon for the flower and a velvet vintage black leaf to finish it off!

This one is made of a vintage linen base.  It is from a curtain my husband remembers having in the house growing up.  We are not certain how old the curtain is but as far back as he can remember it was there. 

I had a open-weave ribbon that fit perfect for a classic cuff.  This cuff contains a lacing for a closure.  I thought it would be nice to combine the classic with the flirty!

This one I constructed after watching a 17th century Italian movie.  I wanted to incorporate some of the techniques used on the women's dresses. 

I rouched a one inch piece of purple silk, with cording along the edges and attached it on the orange silk shantung base.  I then added box-pleats using the red ribbon, and used decorative hand-stitching to attach it on the the base.  Of course I had to include some frilly ribbon, using more of the ribbon from my newly acquired pieces! 

Swimsuit Cover

And here I have included two of the scarves used to make one of my swim-suit cover.  I enjoyed challenging myself and creating them using only summer, wispy, see-through, scarves of linen and silk!

I will keep my fingers crossed on the wonderful prize of a much needed new sewing machine!!!


I will  post my creations next week!!



Please Note:  Other photos of the cuffs can be viewed and purchased in my Etsy shop- Monjio Creations

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  1. lovely cuffs...I personaly like one in the third photo!!!