Friday, July 17, 2009

"Cycles of Fashion"

Featured Artist-

Belle Noelle

This week are visiting an Etsy shop in Illinois, USA! Janelle is the designer and creator of Belle Noelle. She has been designing for over ten years, she is a wife and mother of two, wow! She actually began creating as a helper to her step-mother twenty years ago.

Her creations are clean and classic! What first grabbed my attention was her use of pleating and her smooth clean designs.


Previously living in New York she was able to watch the garment district and friends for inspiration.  She now has to "focus on what will make a woman feel pretty and comfortable", living in the midwest. 

Creative Process

When creating Janelle from a design or from a thought in here head she first thinks, "What do I want to wear?" Her designs must be practical for an everyday woman, mother, and wife. One of her favorite steps in her creation process are choosing the fabric, buttons, etc.

Christian Dior- "New Look"

As Janelle says, "I love the fifties which is cruel because I have no waist. I love how well the women were put together, the hats..the gloves..all of it."

 A Stroll in Time:


Dior's brought us "The New Look", it was the symbol of the new life style and hopes of the people.  It was a wonderful period in which women would never think of leaving their home without gloves and a hat!  Classic.

Donna Dress- Belle Noelle

Simplicity- 1950s
From  1837-1901 Queen Victoria reigned.  In 1841 cartridge pleats began to be used, to pull up the skirt fabric.  Flat pleating would add to the overall hem width and fullness of the skirt. 

Mia-Blue- Belle Noelle

Afternoon Dress- 1873

Etsy Shop

"I decided to open my Etsy shop in 2006 after selling to my friends for two seasons and having people ask me to make them things. I was looking into the whole website thing and came across Etsy. I don't remember where...maybe Craftser? and thought, "well before I make this into a big production this would be a good place to test out the waters."

After starting her shop she had to take a break from her career because of relocation and giving birth to a new child. Identifying with Janelle as a mother and creator, I am always curious as to how other mothers do it! It's always wonderful to have the support and understanding of the other half of the team!

As Janelle says:

"It's madness! I don't sleep. At least once a week, I tell myself that this is the stupidest thing I could ever do, trying to be a one-woman sweatshop and a mother, but I keep doing it, because I love the high of seeing someone in something I created and getting positive feedback. I love it. My husband and I juggle the kids. He encourages me in whatever I do. He races home from work when I have fittings scheduled, stays up late with the baby while I sew into the night, rearranges his schedule so I can get things done and doesn't flinch when I have to shell out money and invest in my business. He's a saint. "

Wow! Talk about a Super Women!! To learn more about this amazing designer and creator, stop by her blog! Or click on one of her creations to visit her shop!

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  1. What a great, thorough feature! Love her work!

  2. Wow. That's an amazing feature. Some of your pics aren't showing up though. :) Just so you know.

  3. I've lusted after that yellow dress before! Great design!