Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Cycles of Fashion"

Featured Artist-

Chalkies's Bazaar

We are now going to travel to an Etsy Shop in France this lovely milliner creates hats and headwear.  Lucy is the talent behind all the creations in her shop.  She started creating and drawing at a very young age.  She not only creates and runs her own shop, she works in a hat workshop during the day! 


"A hat is an extremely powerful image-maker. Whenever someone chooses to wear a hat, a personal statement is being made about the way that person feels, would like to fee, or would like others to think they feel Simply by donning a hat a person can seem to become sophisticated, playful, solemn, authoritive, daring, glamorous, or virtually anything. In Gone With the Wind, Scarlet O'Haràs wide-brimmed, flowered hat define her as a very feminine, romantic figure. In contrast, the black widow's cap worn by Mary Queen of Scots, presents her as a somber, serious woman. Imagine what the effect would be if these two women exchanged hats. Throughout history, in every culture from primitive to modern, headdresses have been used to enhance character and create moods. "

The above exert is the beginning of Denise Dreher's From the Neck Up An Illustrated Guide to Hatmaking.

In modern times, a milliner is a person who designs, makes, sells or trims hats. Fascinators are a style of millinery used for brides, weddings, and other special occasions.


When asked what she is inspired by she responded:

"I would say everything inspires me! You have to be curious and interested in everything! "

Various periods of fashion attract her.  She stated that each have their own interesting element. 

Her interest in modern day fashion:

"I like creators such as Gareth Pugh, Viktor & Rolf, John Galliano...they all have a very strong vision, a theartrical presence."

Ensemble- House of Dior-John Galliano 2006

Creative Process

She has an amazing creative process:

"Sometimes I'll have a clear idea of what I want to make. I'll maybe do a quick sketch and jot done some notes but I'll just get right down to it! Other times I'll play around with fabic (or some other material), experimenting, to see what effects I can get. I also keep a little sketch book which is good for writing down ideas and such for future projects."

Simple green & white hat- Chalkie's Bazaar

Chanel- Late 1960s

Of course I had to include here Sherlock Holmes hat! I love how she transforms this classic into our modern day!

Pink Sherlock Holmes Hat- Chalkies Bazaar

Sherlock Holmes-first appeared in publication in 1887

Etsy Shop

Lucy opened her Etsy Shop over a year ago, previously she had not heard of Etsy before, she was talked into it by her brother. 

"Making hats is my day job (I work in a hat workshop) and in the long run I guess I would like to have my own workshop and brand so I wanted to see if my own designs would interest anybody. It always nice to hear that some complete stranger appreciates your work!

Wow! I continue to encounter wonderful talented people on Etsy! 
Make sure you stop by Lucy's shop and take a look at her lovely White Lace Headband!  And to follow her in projects and adventures in the millinery world take a look at her blog.  (Just click on the word 'blog' and it will take you there!)

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