Saturday, July 25, 2009

This Past Week...

So for the most part, this week I felt as though I was holding my breath. Mainly because of the Craftzine Swimsuit Cover-up Contest. I was also a little down about my "Cycles of Fashion" posts. This week I was busy working away on a handful of projects I had to complete and deliver.

The Contest

Two days have passed since the deadline, still no results. I am waiting patiently. I was impressed by how creative so many of the entries were. I also found it interesting that the sewing level ranged from beginner to advanced. I am so excited to hear the results!

As I mentioned previously, I desperately need a new machine. When we moved to Italy, I could not bring along my machine. After several months of living here, I purchased an inexpensive Singer. It is a model for beginning sewers, it has taken so much action! All my projects are made using that machine.

I continue to cross my fingers, my thoughts are with that grand prize of a new Singer!!

Cycles of Fashion

After a month or so of writing my Thursday posts of "Cycles of Fashion", I decided to stop writing it. Responses to my posts were not as good as I thought they would be. I am in love with history of fashion! I thought it would be an excellent way to present and feature fellow Etsians.

Sad to say, I think I spent more time conducting the research for my posts then I received from people reading them. Next week will be my last post for, "Cycles of Fashion."


At the end of last week, the beginning of this week, I had a handful of projects to complete and deliver before the end of the week.

A client of mine had a beautiful vintage cotton batiste which she wanted made into a nightgown.  Another person had started the project for her but never completed it.

The body and hem of the gown were already complete.  All I had to do was make the top neck, back, and arm portions and attach the body to it. 

For the armscye, I finished it off with a hand-rolled hem.  It was fun matching and stitching the white and yellow trim. 

She is now ready for those hot Italian summer nights!  (It is very hot here, reminds me of Texas!)

Custom Dress

Next up was to make sure everything was to the satisfaction of a young family friend who was to celebrate here eighteenth birthday.  She is a very talented young lady, she came to me with an amazing design already sketched! 

Above you see the dress, I also made a matching draw-string purse, with pocket inside.  I always think pockets inside a bag or purse are a little more practical. I also made a cuff, using some fabric from my wedding dress for the roses, and fabric from her dress as well.

And last but not least, for the mid- to end of last week (after my photos for the swimsuit cover-up were posted) I had to make sure a package to Texas was on it's way.

I constructed a black with white pin-striped newsboy hat for a good friend of mine.  It was cutie! I hope her son enjoys wearing it in style!

Now What?

I have a short break from projects for clients, I am excited to work on some hats, and cuffs for my Etsy shop! 

 Off to the workroom!

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  1. hey!
    don't throw in the towel on the
    'cycle of fashion' posts, you may need to build up that group of readers.

    if you were to link to your blog on your twitter page, you might see more traffic. it's hard if you link to etsy instead--because the blog link there isn't direct and few want to cut&paste.

    i am in so cal, and have read your blog off and on for awhile (since your move). keep up your projects, they are fun to read--and keep your eyes out for an old pfaff, elna or bernina brand sewing machine. europe produced more advanced sewing machines than the u.s. as far back as the early 60's, so there must be one for you out there!
    --Jen (