Thursday, July 2, 2009


Thursdays are designated for my "Cycles of Fashion" posts. The Etsy sellers I feature, and my research are huge inspirations to me. This week, as I was conducting my research on Tuesday morning. I was completely side tracked.

Sorry, I am slacking this week, but I spent more time then I care to tell in the Metropolitan Museum, "Works of Art The Costume Institution" website. I love that site! They have an amazing collection Database!

Here are some images which simply inspired me! I thought I must share!

Enjoy the images!!

Beret- Coco Chanel-late 1960

Something about the classy beret! I just love the wool, the texture that this beret is made of.

Wool Jacket- Dior- 1940's early 1950's

Not sure why this Dior coat struck me so hard. Something about it is so lovely!

American Bonnet- 1840

So lovely and delicate! I love the detail, just beautiful!

Base turban-1960's

What struck me about this turban is how light and fluid it is!

Bonnet- 1880

This bonnet if just lovely! All the care and detail that one took to make bonnets long ago. Wow!

Please excuse the change in schedule, "Cycles of Fashion" will be back up next Thursday!

Hope you enjoyed!!

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